Dear Friend:

As we approach the monumental holiday of Passover in which we celebrate our liberty and nationality, it is most important that we remember those of our brethren who are unfortunately unable to celebrate as we do.

Whether people are hungry for learning or bread, hope or comfort, Chabad Lubavitch – through its schools, camps, and multi-faceted outreach programs is always there to lend a helping hand.

During these pre-Passover days, Chabad is collecting “Maos Chitim”, (Passover funds for the poor) which is one of the most significant observances of the Passover holiday. Please open your heart and participate in this special “Mitzvah”. What better preparation can there be for our festival of freedom?

In merit of your concern for others, may G‑d grant you and yours every happiness and a very joyous Passover holiday.

With gratitude and blessings, I remain,

Rabbi Yossi Gansburg


Yes Rabbi Gansburg,

I want to be a part of the vital effort for Jewish Continuity and vibrancy, and during the Passover Holiday, bringing help and happiness to those less fortunate.

Enclosed is my Tax-deductible Contribution:











Name__________________________ Phone ______________________________


Please Charge my donation to my: ____Visa ____MC ____Discover ____Amex

Card Number ________________________________Exp.______/_____/_______

Signature _______________________________________

Your Contribution is greatly appreciated. Please make check payable to: Chabad of Coconut Creek/ W. Pompano Beach

Send filled out form to:

Chabad of Coconut Creek/ W. Pompano Beach

7530 Lyons Rd.

Coconut Creek, FL 33073

E-mail: [email protected]

To send a donation for Passover online, Click Here!