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What is a regular Shofar?

A regular shofar is a raw shofar, cleaned. You must saw and drill it. Great for each kid to make, or as a demonstration shofar.

What is a Drilled Shofar?

That means that we have cleaned the shofars, sawed the shofars, and drilled the shofars. For you - its hassle-free. All that is left is the option of polishing it! This is great to give out to each kid with no bother, and no mess!

What is a specialty package?

A specialty package consists of many different unique shofars. This makes a great presentation, where you go through the different animals, whether or not they are kosher, and if you can use their horn on Rosh Hashana.

Specialty Package #1 Includes:
Cow Horn, Cartilage, Ram Horn, Ginzbuck, Gizelle, Small "travelling" shofar, and a Water Buffalo.

Specialty Package #2 includes all of #1 plus the big antelope kudu.

What is a Split-Hoove?
This is a great add-on to your presentation! What makes an animal kosher? You know the answer..but do the kids? if they CHEW THEIR CUD AND HAVE SPLIT HOOVES! What is a split-hoove? LET THEM SEE!

 We're are almost out of shofars. 

We can fulfill orders for specialty packages. 

Please fill in amount desired of each kind:

Regular @ $5.50 each    AVAILABLE     

Drilled @ $7.95 each   AVAILABLE

XS Shofars @ $3.00 each   AVAILABLE

Shofar Tips with Keyring Hole @ $1.00 each (Keyrings included)  Available

Specialty package #1 @ $180.00 AVAILABLE

Specialty package #2 @ $ 250.00 AVAILABLE

Split hoof @ $55.00 AVAILABLE. 

UN-SPLIT hoof - non-kosher animal @ $55.00 AVAILABLE

Total amount $
Total amount DOES NOT include shipping


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